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If people talk about you it means you are known. It is unthinkable for commercial brands nowadays to stay in the shades. You want to be known and people have to talk about you for that. Friends, family and colleagues, that’s where it starts. But to reach the crowd, you need ambassadors with reach within your target group.

Influencer marketing is not new. It is the same play field in which David Beckham and companions partnered with brands in the 90’s and 00’s. What did change is that celebreties have the opportunity to build their own reach. They are no longer dependent on tv stations, (print) magazines and billboards. These days they have their own reach and they know how to use it! Social media is responsible for the rise of completely new stars. So called social media stars or influencers are born.

Since our start we work for brave international brands who we help grow with influencers.

The best brands, worldwide.

If you are ambitious, come to us.

We are very proud that we work together with leading brands worldwide. Brands who are ambitious, brands want to stay ahead. We help excel them with influencer and content marketing that sets the standard (and that impresses their managers).


With influence comes responsibility. We know this too well. This is why we partnered up with Cordaid, pro bono. Cordaid cares for 1.2 billion people in need. People affected by war, injustice or natural disasters. Together we reach thousands of people in the Netherlands to get awareness for all this important cause.


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