Center Parcs
Family Vloggers

Real families, real videos.

We created brand vlogs with real families. 

Center Parcs wants to show the diversity of their parks. Instead of hiring a large film crew, they let real people create real content. Vlog families discover the parks in their own authentic way. All published on Center Parcs own YouTube channel. 

What did we do?

4 families, 12 parks, 1 channel.

Of course you can hire actors, huge camera teams and the best movie director in the world. But if you really want authentic content on your brand channel, why don’t you work with real content creators? Families who come directly from the target group, to address the same target group directly. Makes sense right?

Media: YouTube / Instagram Stories / Instagram Posts

Influencers lead to more brand engagement

Center Parcs works together with influencers to increase their brand engagement on their own channels.