Center Parcs

Dutch, Belgian and German children challenge their parents.

‘How about you say #moreyes mom?’

Parents say an average of 27 times a day no to their children. Center Parcs challenged parents in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to say #MoreYes for a weekend. Using … #MoreYes t-shirts.

What did we do?

1 weekend, 12 family influencers (and their children, of course)

Say yes to what really matters. The new brand promise of Center Parcs wants to inspire people to experience more valuable moments with their loved ones. makers/creators together with ad agency Ogilvy created the #MoreYes influencer campaign, in which children were allowed to decide what they wanted to do in the #MoreYes weekend.

Media: Instagram posts / Instagram Stories

A wearable brand message.

Sometimes you need a little help saying more yes. The #moreyes t-shirts might come to help. In cool Instagram posts and Instagram Stories family influencers showed what happened when they said yes more often during a whole weekend. Surprisingly (or maybe not) it got them all closer together.


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